The memorial service held for 15 remains of martyrs

The event was attended by representatives of the National Steering Committee for Search, Collection, and Verification of fallen soldiers' remains (known as Steering Committee 515), Military Region 2’s Steering Committee 515, Special Mission of six localities of Laoss, and central and local agencies and units.

All the sets of remains of martyrs were collected by search team of Military Region 2 under the auspices of authorities and people of North Laos’ provinces. Off the found remains, only three were identified. 

At the ceremony, Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Quy recalled the glorious time when Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors carried out international service in Laos.

He emphasized that during the time the Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors promoted indomitable tradition of the Vietnamese people and made sacrifices for the Vietnam-Laos special friendship. Their contributions symbolize the revolutionary heroism and desire for freedom and happiness of the Vietnamese and Lao people.

Delegates offering incense to fallen soldiers

After the memorial ceremony, the sets of remains of martyrs were buried in Tong Khao Martyrs’ Cemetery in Thanh Nua commune, Dien Bien district.

Translated by Tran Hoai